artist testimonials

Bonnie Carter

Artist Bonnie Carter


“I have been using Diamondback to build my painting supports for several years now.  I much prefer creating my acrylic paintings on their birch panels over any other surface.  They are solidly built and beautiful in their own right.”



Christy Kinard

Artist Christy Kinard


“Diamondback makes a great, quality surface I enjoy painting on!”




Jennifer Jones

Artist Jennifer JL Jones


“I’ve used many different painting surfaces over the years and I am most impressed with the top quality of Diamondback. I’ve been painting on them for over ten years and won’t use anything else now. My clients and galleries are always impressed and many of my contemporaries now use them as well. I highly recommend them to all artists!” Jones’ long-established career is highlighted by her work exhibited in select international galleries and recent representation with Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. Her paintings are highly sought after and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections world wide such as the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Oprah Winfrey/Harpo Studios, Scana Energy, and the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal.



Æsthetic Cataclysm

Artist Æsthetic Cataclysm


“As a live painter and a working studio artist, my needs are insanely varied. I never have a single duplicate size for Bob and Chollie. I need a very affordable light weight, well constructed, highly finished quality surface that can take copious amounts of punishment. When gigging, I throw these things in a car full of easels and paints and tables and equipment, and work on them in the middle of mosh pits sometimes topping 2-3000 people. I wish they’d start making Jullian easels. I used to make my own surfaces, and I over-engineered them to a degree of lunatic impracticality. Diamondback’s surfaces at least weigh half as much as what I was making and are every bit as durable. The fit and finish is unparalleled. I once ordered a triptych that fit together so beautifully that I abandoned plans to frame it.”




Kimberly Ferrari


Artist Kimberly Ferrari


“I have never actually met Bob. or Chollie, or any human that actually works there. Don’t need to. The work speaks for itself. Bob (who I have actually talked to many times on the phone) is always beyond helpful, quick to offer suggestions to make the project more efficient and cost-effective, even when it means he bills less and I save more. When he has a question, he is quick to clarify, and often makes intelligent suggestions on ways to make the project better, without being intrusive. And when I invariably make measuring errors, he corrects them, with good cheer and patience. I can’t wait to meet Bob, and all the other humans that work at Diamondback frames.”


Lynn Mayes

Artist Lynn Mayes


“I have used Diamondback Art Surfaces for at least five years- and love them!  Good for all media, especially encaustics.  But I have used them for oils and acrylics, too.  They are so sturdy you can do anything on them and they still survive!”




 Lynn Raney

Artist Lynn Raney


“I have been purchasing Diamondback art surfaces and frames for many years and they have always exceeded my expectations.  With every piece of art being unique and requiring different design surfaces, as well as frames, their attention to detail and quality is superb. I am thankful for these talented craftsmen and would highly recommend this company without hesitation.”



Simone Morton


Artist Simone Morton


“I am a dedicated user of Diamondback Art Surfaces since 2008 — ever since the first time I saw a fellow artist’s mosaic artwork on a box.  The boxes are well made and sturdy and my orders are always waiting on me when promised.  Typically, I prime my boxes then glue my tiles directly onto the box before grouting.  Another reason I like to use the Diamondback boxes is because it makes displaying my mosaic artwork so easy; attach a couple D-rings with some wire and it is ready to hang.  It’s always a pleasure to work with the folks at Diamondback especially Bob.”




 Studio Swan


Studio Swan


“When is comes to substrates, we turn to Diamondback every damn time because they are so willing to work with our vision and exacting demands!”



Tracey Lane


Artist Tracey Lane



“Diamondback art surfaces of the highest quality and Bob and Chollie always bend over backwards to meet my needs.  I have never considered using another wood surface.”